What are the bad areas of Belgium? (2024)

What are the bad areas of Belgium?

As already mentioned, Brussels has one of the highest crime rates in Belgium. In addition, there are several other cities (Charleroi, Liege) where you probably better not walk around alone after dark. But in general, Belgian cities are safe.

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What city in Belgium has the highest crime rate?

Belgium is passably safe. Not unexpectedly, the majority of crime occurs in large cities. The capital city, Brussels, has the highest incidence, while smaller towns in the Flemish countryside are relatively crime-free.

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What is the safest part of Belgium?

Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Ixelles, and Uccle are some of the safest municipalities in Belgium for both expats and travelers. While Belgium is considered generally safe, it's a good idea for travelers to be careful while visiting Molenbeek and Gare du Midi.

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Is Belgium safe for American tourists?

Belgium - Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution

Exercise increased caution in Belgium due to terrorism. Country Summary: Terrorist groups continue plotting possible attacks in Belgium.

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Is it safe to go to Brussels right now?

Latest Travel Alert

Following a shooting in Brussels city centre on 16 October 2023, the threat level for Belgium has been set at Level 3, meaning authorities view the threat level as “serious”. Irish citizens in Belgium are advised to exercise a high degree of caution and follow the advice of local authorities.

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Is a red light district in Brussels?

The main red light district in Brussels is north of the Gare du Nord. In Rue d'Aerschot, Rue de Brabant and the surrounding side-streets there are sex shops and many windows where prostitutes sit. Most of the prostitutes near the Gare du Nord, including Rue d'Aerschot, are Romanian and Bulgarian.

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How safe is Belgium at night?

Take extra care in major railway stations and on public transport, particularly late at night. Thieves, pickpockets and muggers operate in busy areas, particularly: at Brussels Gare du Midi/Zuidstation (Eurostar terminal) and Brussels Gare du Nord. on international trains, mainly Paris-Brussels and Amsterdam-Brussels.

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How many murders in Belgium per year?

In 2022, roughly 1,400 murders and manslaughters have been recorded by the Belgian police. Although Belgium in general is not considered a dangerous country, the number of murder and manslaughter cases has been on the rise for the last decade, peaking in the most recent time period.

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How safe is Ghent Belgium?

Ghent usually exhibits low levels of petty crime. Most of the incidents include pickpocketing or purse snatching, particularly in crowded areas and tourist hotspots. It's always important to keep an eye on your valuables, but generally, the city is considered quite safe.

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What is the poorest region of Belgium?

The poverty risk in 2021 was lower in the Flemish Region (8%) than in the Walloon Region (17%) and the Brussels-Capital Region (25%).

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Is Belgium safe for solo female?

Belgium, overall, is considered quite safe for solo female travelers even at night. The well-lit urban areas, like Brussels and Antwerp, have plenty of people around which will significantly reduce the risk. However, it is always advisable to stay vigilant and avoid less populated or poorly lit areas.

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Is it safe to walk alone in Belgium?

Belgium is generally considered to be a safe country, and most areas are safe to walk around in during the night. However, as with any country, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to ensure your safety.

What are the bad areas of Belgium? (2024)
Do they speak English in Belgium?

Belgium ranks 6th out of 112 countries in the world for its English language proficiency. Around 55% of the Belgian population can speak English on a conversational level. Generally, the language barrier is way steeper in Wallonia than in Flanders, where almost half of the population can converse in basic English.

What areas to avoid in Antwerp?

Most parts of Antwerp are safe, but some neighborhoods are to be avoided in the evening, especially the area around De Coninckplein and the neighborhoods of Borgerhout, Seefhoek and the Schipperskwartier. Still, these neighborhoods have a very lively atmosphere and some are definitely worth a visit during the day.

Do you need cash in Belgium?

Many shops and restaurants in Brussels accept credit cards, but not all. It is, therefore, recommended that you either ask before you order or ensure you have enough in cash to cover the bill.

How safe is Bruges?

Bruges is generally very safe for solo female travelers even at night. The city is well-lit and there is often a crowd until late hours due to its vibrant nightlife. Public transportation and taxis are always available if you prefer not to walk alone.

Is Brussels safer than Paris?

While both Brussels and Paris are generally safe for tourists, Brussels has a reputation for being a relatively safe city with a lower crime rate compared to Paris. However, it's always important to exercise caution, stay aware of your surroundings, and take commonsense precautions regardless of your destination.

Is Brussels tap water safe to drink?

In the Brussels Region, you can safely drink tap water: it is strictly controlled from the catchment site up to your home. Drinking water must meet over 55 quality criteria set by the Regions and Europe. VIVAQUA's laboratory carries out approximately 240,000 analyses a year.

Can tourists use Red Light District?

The city of Amsterdam has officially made any tour that goes past the windows of the Red Light District as part of a tour illegal. If you're walking and someone offers you a tour of the Red Light District, this is illegal and should be avoided. Going forward, evening tours of the Red Light District will be illegal.

Where is the famous Red Light District in Europe?

The Red Light District, or 'De Wallen' as the area is known to locals, is the oldest district of Amsterdam. Ever since it was built around 1385, it has been both famous and notorious for the women inhabiting its streets. Since the beginning of modern history, Amsterdam has been a trading city with a large port.

Do they ID in Brussels?

All people on Belgian territory are required to carry identity documentation at all times and produce such documentation if and when requested by the police and other government authorities. Belgian citizens aged 15 and above are required to carry their identity card.

Are people in Belgium friendly?

They can be reserved around new people but once they get to know someone, they are warm and friendly. Family life is very important in Belgian culture. Family members share almost every meal together.

What is the priority to the right rule in Belgium?

But the “priority from the right” rule, which gives priority to cars coming from the right unless there are signs or road markings indicating otherwise, could soon be a thing of the past, according to the Belgian Institute for Road Safety (IBSR).

Do they drink a lot in Belgium?

According to the WHO estimations for 2019, the total consumption in Belgium was 10.8 liters of pure alcohol per capita (15+), which was lower than the EU-15 average (11.1 liters).

What is the most common crime in Belgium?

The most common crimes that occur in Belgium are petty thefts and purse snatching and pickpocketing is not a rare thing, especially in the bigger cities.


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