What is the average return on mutual funds over 10 years? (2024)

What is the average return on mutual funds over 10 years?

For the top 20 funds, the average 10-year annualized return was 20.83%. For comparison, the S&P 500's annualized return for the same decade was about 12.39% . For the full list of the top 20 mutual funds of 2013 to 2023, scroll through the cardshow below.

What is return in mutual fund for 10 years?

Highest Return Mutual Funds in Last 10 Years
Fund Name5 Years Return10 Years Return
Quant Active Fund (G)28.8%24.5%
Mirae Asset Large & Midcap Fund (G)20.9%23.9%
Kotak Small Cap fund (G)27.4%23.4%
Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme (G)23.0%23.3%
16 more rows

What is the average return on a mutual fund?

Mutual Fund Category Returns
CategoryAverage Return (%)Maximum Return (%)
Index Fund25.8484.05
Equity: Sectoral-Infrastructure59.074.74
Fund of Funds-Domestic-Debt12.6471.79
Equity: Small Cap49.2771.34
21 more rows

What is a good rate of return on investments over 10 years?

Most investors would view an average annual rate of return of 10% or more as a good ROI for long-term investments in the stock market.

What is the average return on mutual funds for the last 20 years?

What is the average mutual fund return? The 20-year return on mutual funds averages 4.67%. The actual return varies based on the funds chosen and time in the fund.

How much return does mutual funds give in 20 years?

Compared with flexi-cap, funds in large-cap category such as Franklin India Bluechip and HDFC Top 100 Fund have given the return of 21 times and 29 times over the period of 20 years. Investing in mutual funds is usually considered a wealth-building strategy.

What is the average return on mutual funds in 2023?

Smallcap funds rewarded investors with a 37 percent returns on average in 2023, midcap funds with 32 percent, while largecap funds delivered 20 percent returns on average.

Which mutual fund is best for 10 years?

Best SIP to Invest for 10 Years
Fund Name3 Years10 Years
Cap Fund Edelweiss Large20.14%14.37%
Frontline Equity Fund Aditya Birla Sun Life21.57%14.61%
Bluechip Fund ICICI Prudential24.00%15.43%
6 more rows

Which mutual fund is best for next 10 years?

1.) Best SIP Plans for 10 Years in Equity
Fund Name10 Year Return (%)
1Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund17.61%
2ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund14.76%
3HDFC Small Cap Fund14.76%
4DSP Small Cap Fund20.75%
1 more row
Jan 10, 2024

How much return can I expect from mutual funds in 15 years?

As per the tax and investment experts, a long term mutual fund investor must know 15 x 15 x 15 rule of mutual funds where an investor can expect to get 15 per cent return on one's SIP after investing for 15 years.

What is the average return on mutual funds for the last 25 years?

As you can see, most of these funds managed to offer more than 12% returns in the last 25 years. Most mutual fund advisors and managers ask investors to use 12% returns for their calculations.

What will 10000 be worth in 20 years?

Investment table for a $10,000 Investment By Rate and Years Invested.
Investment ReturnFuture Value of 10,000 in 20 Years
36 more rows

How much money do I need to invest to make $3000 a month?

$3,000 X 12 months = $36,000 per year. $36,000 / 6% dividend yield = $600,000. On the other hand, if you're more risk-averse and prefer a portfolio yielding 2%, you'd need to invest $1.8 million to reach the $3,000 per month target: $3,000 X 12 months = $36,000 per year.

Is 10 years considered a long term investment?

Differences Between Long-Term & Short-Term Investing

Long-term is generally considered to be 10 years or more, while short-term is generally three years or less. Market Risk: Market risk is the possibility that assets exposed to the market may lose value.

Do investments double in 10 years?

The Rule of 72 is focused on compounding interest that compounds annually. For simple interest, you'd simply divide 1 by the interest rate expressed as a decimal. If you had $100 with a 10 percent simple interest rate with no compounding, you'd divide 1 by 0.1, yielding a doubling rate of 10 years.

What is the average return on mutual funds for the last 5 years?

Highest Return Mutual Funds in Last 5 Years
Fund Name3 Years Return5 Years Return
Bank of India Manufacturing & Infra fund (G)31.9%27.1%
Invesco India PSU Equity Fund (G)38.8%26.9%
Quant Multi Asset Fund (G)32.2%26.2%
Motilal Oswal Midcap fund (G)34.0%25.8%
16 more rows

What if I invest $1,000 in mutual funds for 10 years?

Evaluating this equation, the future value of the monthly SIP of Rs 1000/month over 10 years at a 12% annual rate of return would be approximately Rs 2.32 lakhs. In this, you are making an investment of Rs 1.2 lakhs and gaining Rs 1.12 lakhs, making a total return Rs 2.32 lakhs.

Is mutual fund good for 10 years?

For a long-term investment horizon of 10 years, investors generally invest in equity mutual funds. Equity mutual funds invest in stocks, which may have the potential to generate good returns over the long term, but can also come with higher risk.

What if I invest $1,000 a month in mutual funds for 20 years?

If you were to stay invested for a shorter duration, say 20 years, you'd invest Rs 2,40,000, but your portfolio value would be Rs 9.89 lakh. A decade-long investment of Rs 1,000 per month would equal Rs. 2,30,038, as compared to Rs. 1,20,000 invested over the same period.

How long should you keep money in a mutual fund?

Mutual funds have sales charges, and that can take a big bite out of your return in the short run. To mitigate the impact of these charges, an investment horizon of at least five years is ideal.

How many years is good for mutual funds?

Typically, the ideal holding period for an equity mutual fund is considered anywhere between a minimum of 3-5 years. But data shows that only investments in 3% of the units continued for more than 5 years. “The rule of thumb is five years.

Should I invest in mutual funds when market is down?

Nobody can predict the market movements. Hence, instead of focusing on timing the market, one should be disciplined and should keep on investing in equity mutual funds irrespective of the market fluctuations. In the long term, these short term fluctuations do not affect your investments.

Is it good to invest in mutual funds now?

Thus, the best time to invest in mutual funds is when you are financially ready and willing to adhere to a long-term strategy that doesn't hinge on market timing. But remember, it's always crucial to do thorough research or seek a financial advisor's guidance before starting your investing journey.

How safe are mutual funds?

In the category of market-linked securities, mutual funds are a relatively safe investment. There are risks involved but those can be ascertained by conducting proper due diligence.

Should a 70 year old invest in mutual funds?

Conventional wisdom holds that when you hit your 70s, you should adjust your investment portfolio so it leans heavily toward low-risk bonds and cash accounts and away from higher-risk stocks and mutual funds. That strategy still has merit, according to many financial advisors.


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