Can I withdraw money from Bank of America in the Philippines? (2024)

Can I withdraw money from Bank of America in the Philippines?

Yes, you can use your Bank of America debit or credit card internationally. However, you may incur foreign transaction fees and exchange rate charges, so it's best to check with Bank of America before traveling to determine any potential fees and to ensure your card will work abroad.

Is Bank of America available in the Philippines?

Below you can find the local branches for BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. MANILA in Philippines.

Can I withdraw money from Bank of America internationally?

Bank of America participates in a Global ATM Alliance, which provides Bank of America clients access to International partner ATMs where the non-Bank of America ATM $5 usage fee for each withdrawal or transfer and ATM operator access fee can be avoided.

What Bank in America I can use in the Philippines?

Expats typically choose either national banks such as Philippine National Bank, Metrobank and Bank of the Philippine Islands or international institutions such as Citibank, Bank of America and HBSC.

Can I withdraw from my US debit card in the Philippines?

Can I use my American Visa credit or debit card abroad? You can use your U.S. Visa card abroad to make purchases or withdraw cash. To withdraw cash from an ATM, you'll need to know your four digit PIN number.

Can I use my U.S. Bank card in Philippines?

Yes, cards issued by U.S. Bank can be used in most foreign countries. If you're planning to travel and want to use your card, let us know. This will help reduce declined transactions on your trip. Knowing your trip details also helps us protect you from fraud.

Can I use Bank of America ATM internationally?

Traveling Internationally? Use your Bank of America ATM or debit card at one of our International partner ATMs and avoid the non-Bank of America ATM $5 usage fee for each withdrawal, transfer or balance inquiry 1 as well as the ATM operator access fee.

Does Bank of America have international branches?

Our presence in thousands of communities throughout the United States and more than 35 countries allows us to nurture lasting relationships and to connect clients to our global resources. We offer financial and advisory solutions across corporate and investment banking, sales and trading worldwide.

How much does Bank of America charge for international travel?

A Bank of America International Transaction Fee of 3% will apply when converting your currency. 8 • If you have any issues with your cards while traveling, please call the number on the back of your card. Please visit for a complete and current listing before you travel.

Can I withdraw money from my bank account overseas?

Some overseas banks may apply a fee for ATM withdrawals and/or ATM balance checks. This will be brought to your attention before you proceed with the transaction and can be avoided by using one of our Global ATM Alliance network or St.

What is the best bank in the Philippines for US citizens?

Non-residents should consider major commercial banks of the Philippines, e.g. BDO Bank, BPI and Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company. Those banks are well-reputed and provide comprehensive customer services. And their websites offer the essential information and bank management contacts.

What is the best international bank in Philippines?

MANILA, Philippines — Citi has been recognized as the Best International Bank in the Philippines in the Asiamoney Best Bank Awards 2023.

Can I transfer money from U.S. Bank to Philippine bank?

Bank Transfers: Most banks in the US offer the service of sending money to the Philippines. This is ideal if you are are looking to transfer a large sum of money. Money Transfer Agents: Companies like Western Union, Moneygram, and Ria offer the fastest way of moving money from one location to the other.

What is the best way to withdraw money in the Philippines?

You'll definitely need some cash in the Philippines, but making an ATM withdrawal with a credit card can be very pricey. Generally you'll be better off having an alternative card with lower fees - such as a travel debit card - to use in ATMs, and keeping your credit card for spending directly with merchants.

Should I exchange money before I travel to Philippines?

If you're concerned about arriving in the Philippines without pesos in your pocket, then exchange a little before leaving, but don't forget to ask for a mixture of denomination notes. The first thing you'll need your cash for will be a taxi - and drivers won't have large amounts of change with them.

Is 10000 pesos a lot in Philippines?

You'd actually be very well off compared to most people, especially since that PHP10, 000 is pretty much just allowance. Even if you had to pay for utilities in your free housing; unless you take baths in a pool or keep the AC on 24/7, you're golden.

Which ATM accepts Visa card in the Philippines?

Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in the Philippines. Discover cards have 'moderate' acceptance rates - you can use them at Citibank, SB Card, and BDO Unibank ATMs, but not elsewhere. Amex cards can be used in BDO ATMs, so if that's your main card you'll want to get familiar with local branches.

Which ATM is best for foreigners in the Philippines?

Lowest ATM withdrawal fee Philippines

The HSBC has the lowest fee in that there's no withdrawal fee on foreign issued cards. Other banks have withdrawal fees of 250 Pesos which is about 4.50 USD and the withdrawal limit is just 10,000 Pesos, about 180 USD.

How much does U.S. Bank charge for international ATM?

The U.S. Bank credit card foreign transaction fee is either 0% or 3% of the purchase amount or foreign ATM cash advance transaction, depending on the card. Plus, if you want to withdraw cash abroad, be prepared to pay a $2.50 non-U.S. Bank ATM fee, too.

What ATMs don't charge Bank of America?

As a Bank of America account holder, you don't incur fees for withdrawals, transfers or balance inquiries at ATMs displaying the Bank of America name and logo.

Do I need to notify Bank of America when I travel?

You cannot set a travel notification with Bank of America. Bank of America doesn't give the option to set a travel notice because they trust their fraud detection capabilities to recognize suspicious activity and protect your account while you are travelling.

Does Bank of America charge a fee for foreign currency exchange?

Many U.S. banks will exchange USD for foreign currencies without charging a fee, but there are often stipulations. For instance, Bank of America customers can exchange foreign currencies for free, but only on orders of $1,000 or more. Otherwise, the bank charges a $7.50 delivery fee for foreign currency orders.

Can I access my Bank of America account overseas?

That's why a VPN is an important tool to have; so you can access your Bank of America accounts securely from anywhere. Even if you're just using Wi-Fi for browsing, we recommend protecting yourself by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

What Bank is connected to Bank of America?

Bank of America Corporation affiliates include all entities that utilize the Bank of America, Banc of America, Bank of America Private Bank, U.S. Trust, Merrill and BofA Securities brand names.

How do I tell Bank of America I am traveling internationally?

Bank of America
  1. Log in and hover over the “Help & Support” menu tab.
  2. Click on “Set Travel Notice” in the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your destination(s), travel dates, contact number and card(s) you're taking with you. Share any other travel details you think are relevant.
Jan 26, 2023


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