Transfer your phone number (2024)

Are you with us? Transfer your mobile or landline number to T-Mobile and join the Uncarrier! If you have questions about how to transfer (port out) your mobile number to another carrier, we’ve got the information right here.

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  • Thinking about switching to T-Mobile and wanting to keep your number?
  • How do I transfer my number to T-Mobile?
  • Transfer your T-Mobile number to another carrier
  • Get a T-Mobile Temporary Port Out PIN
  • Check port status

Thinking about switching to T-Mobile and wanting to keep your number?

You can keep the number you already have from another wireless or landline carrier. Transferring your number, also known as porting, is the process by which you transfer your phone number from one carrier to another. In rare circ*mstances, we are unable to transfer a number to our network. This is often because we don’t have a transfer agreement with the original service provider.

  • There is no charge for transferring your phone numbers.
  • Wireless line: the transfer will typically complete from 10 minutes to 3 hours.
  • Landline: the transfer may take anywhere from 3–10 days.The timing of your number transfer depends on the accuracy of the information provided.
  • If your phone is not active with your new phone number after you have waited the expected time, contact T-Mobile Customer Careat 1-800-T-Mobile. Sometimes we need to validate or modify information, such as misspelled names, addresses, etc. before we can complete the transfer.

Take advantage of these offers to switch to T-Mobile

  • Carrier Freedom​: T-Mobile will pay early termination fees or device payments for up to five lines that are currently under a postpaid contract with AT&T or Verizon.
  • Deals: Looking for a deal? We've got you covered.
  • Bring your own device program: Love your current device? That's fine, too.

Business and Prepaid accounts

More information on switching can be found on our pages forBusiness transfersorPrepaid lines.

How do I transfer my number to T-Mobile?

  • Get started online: Follow the number transfer instructions on the payment page at checkout. We recommend this method if you don't need to use your current phone until your new T-Mobile equipment arrives.
  • Contact us to let us know that you're ready to make the switch! For prepaid, call1-877-778-2106.
  • Visit a store: Get some Facetime with us to begin the process.

Complete these steps to ensure a successful number transfer experience:

  1. First, check your eligibility​​​. In rare instances, your number may not be eligible if we don't have a transfer agreement with your original service provider. If this happens, we can give you a brand-new number.
  2. Here's the information you'll need to transfer your number:
    • Phone number(s) you want to transfer from your current service provider.
    • Current service provider name.
    • Account number (usually located on your bill or service provider portal).
    • Billing address (including ZIP code).
  3. Contact your current service provider and do the following:
    • Request a Porting Pin / Password (needed to move your number over.
      • Some accounts may require a Temporary Port Out PIN.
      • Some accounts may require the general account PIN/Passcode.
    • Confirm your device is unlocked and can be ported to another service provider.
    • Request the removal of any blocks or requirements on your accounts so you can port.
    • Ensure all balances are paid to your current service provider.

Now you can start the transition to your new T-Mobile account

  • You'll get a text message from T-Mobile indicating your number transfer has started.
  • You may experience dual service during the transfer process. This is a period of up to 24 hours where service may be active on both phones. If you must call 911 during this time, stay on the line. 911 may not be able to call you back.
  • After completing your number transfer to T-Mobile, any remaining lines with your previous service provider that you do not intend to keep may need to be canceled to avoid unexpected charges.
  • Contact us to check the status of your transfer request at1-877-789-3106.

Canceling with your current service provider

  • Your account with your previous service provider must remain active to transfer your number over. Make sure you do not cancel your account until after the transfer process has been completed.
  • Back up your contacts, voicemail, and text messages before transferring your number to T-Mobile. Your voicemail will reset after the port completes.
  • To make sure you don't miss any important calls or texts, it's best to wait to transfer your number until after you get your new device and SIM card.

Getting reimbursed for an Early Termination Fee (ETF)

  • Option 1: Contact uswhen you receive your new equipment. We recommend this method if you need to use your current phone until your new equipment arrives.
  • Option 2:Follow the number transfer instructions on the payment page at checkout when purchasing your new equipment. We recommend this method if you don’t need to use your current phone until your new equipment arrives.

Transfer your T-Mobile number to another carrier

If you need help with your account or device,contact us! If you still want to transfer your number, follow these steps:

  1. Have thePrimary Account Holder:
    • Disable Account Takeover Protection on the line.
    • Generate a Temporary Port Out PIN for the line.
  2. Contact your new service provider to start the process. Make sure you have:
    • Your T-Mobile account number, located on your T-Mobile account or bill.
    • The Temporary Port Out PIN.
    • The account PIN/Passcode.
    • Government account mustcontact us to get started.

Get a T-Mobile Temporary Port Out PIN

If you have a personal account, you will need to generate a Temporary Port Out PIN to move your phone number from T-Mobile. Use the steps below to generate your PIN, then provide it to your new service provider.

Only the Primary Account Holder will be able to generate a Temporary Port Out PIN.

T-Mobile app

  1. Download and log in to the T-Mobile app.
  2. SelectAccount, then selectProfile Settings.
  3. ChooseLine Settings, then selectRequest a transfer PIN.
  4. Follow the on-screen directions.

  1. Log in to
  2. In the top right corner, selectMy Accountor your name.
  3. ChooseProfile, then selectLine Settings.
  4. SelectRequest a transfer PIN, then selectGet a transfer PIN.
  5. Follow the on-screen directions.

Please note: While text messages are normally very quick it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for the message with your Temporary Port Out PIN to be received during extreme cases. Please wait before requesting a new PIN.You can only receive a maximum of 8 PINs in a 24-hour period.

Check port status

To check the status of your port request, contact us at 1-877-789-3106. We'll look up your request and give you any updates.

Transfer your phone number (2024)


How do I transfer my cell number to another phone? ›

To transfer your number, you need to provide your billing information, account details, and a letter of authorization to your new provider to initiate the porting process. You'll also need to share who your current provider is, the type of number you're looking to transfer, and how many phone numbers you want to port.

What happens when you transfer cell phone number? ›

When you port in your number to your new provider from your old service provider, you keep your existing phone number. You raise a request and provide the necessary information to your new provider. Following that, they initiate the process of porting in.

Can a phone company refuse to port your number? ›

A consumer wishing to port a number should contact the prospective new carrier, who will start the process of porting by contacting the consumer's current carrier. Commission rules require carriers to port a number when they receive a valid request, and carriers may not refuse to port.

How to keep your old phone number? ›

A PAC, or Porting Authorization Code, is a unique alphanumeric code that is used to transfer an existing cellphone number between mobile network carriers. This way, a user can still retain his or her mobile number even after switching to a different service provider.

How do I switch my phone to another phone? ›

  1. Connect both devices wirelessly. Turn on your new Android phone and follow the on-screen prompts. ...
  2. Select your data. Follow the on-screen instructions to choose what comes with you — contacts, photos, videos and calendar events. ...
  3. Transfer. That's it.

What do I need to do to transfer my mobile number? ›

How do I transfer my mobile number?
  1. Text your current provider to request a mobile PAC code. A PAC code should be given to you immediately over the phone or within two hours by text. ...
  2. Contact your new network and give them the PAC code. ...
  3. Check the SIM works in your phone and the new number has ported across.
Jan 2, 2024

Does putting my SIM card into a new phone transfer the number? ›

When you insert your SIM card into another phone, you transfer that information to the new device. Your phone number does not change when you transfer phones using your SIM card because your number is linked to the SIM card and the mobile network rather than the specific phone.

How long does it take to transfer your phone number? ›

The industry average for porting a number is 7 to 10 days. The actual time it takes is dependent on a few factors. In this article, you will learn how porting a number works, and what can stall the process when porting your number to

What phone numbers cannot be ported? ›

If the company you're switching to doesn't offer service in your area, your number won't be able to be ported. The number you're trying to port is no longer in service. Only numbers that are currently active are eligible to be ported. Your new provider does not have an interconnection agreement with your old provider.

What are the disadvantages of porting a number? ›

What are the Drawbacks of Mobile Number Portability?
  • In some cases, the change in carrier actually increases call charges.
  • Customers may find it confusing and bothering to follow the process of number portability.
  • In some cases, a number stays in the not working state for more than 24 hours.

Can someone port your phone number without you knowing? ›

Depending on the telco provider or mobile phone carrier, a phone number port can often be initiated with just the owner's name, mobile number and date of birth. These details are often easily found on social media accounts, or phishing sites pretending to be legitimate companies may ask you for them too.

Can I just buy a SIM card and put it in my phone? ›

If your current phone uses GSM technology, you may be able to get a new SIM card for it. You simply need to ensure that it is “unlocked” first. Some carriers include software that connects the SIM card to the serial number of the phone.

Can I change my phone number without losing everything? ›

What happens to my contacts, calls and messages when I change my mobile number?
  1. Contacts and call log will stay on your mobile phone when you change your number.
  2. Voicemails and/or text messages may be lost when you change your number. Refer to our Voicemail FAQs.

Can I keep my cell phone number forever? ›

If you're switching service providers and remaining in the same geographic area, you can keep your existing phone number. This process – often referred to as phone number porting – can be done between wireline, IP and wireless providers.

How to switch phone carriers and keep your number? ›

Do not terminate your service with your existing company before initiating new service with another company. Contact the new company to start the process of porting your number. Provide the new company with your 10-digit phone number and any additional information required.

How do I transfer my cell phone calls to another phone? ›

How to turn on Call Forwarding
  1. Listen for a dial tone, and press *72.
  2. Listen for a stutter dial tone followed by regular dial tone.
  3. Dial the number where you want your calls forwarded.
  4. When the phone is answered by either a person or voicemail, hang up. ...
  5. Your calls will now be forwarded to the number you dialed.

How do I transfer my mobile number to another iPhone? ›

On your new iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular, tap Set Up Cellular or Add eSIM, then tap Transfer From Nearby iPhone or choose a phone number.

Can mobile number be transferred? ›

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is available to both prepaid and postpaid users, but it can only be done after using the current operator's services for at least 90 days.

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