The Register News-Pictorial from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia (2024)

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The Register News-Pictoriali

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

THE REGISTER ADELAIDE RIDAY JANUARY 25 1901 AMUsem*nTS AUSTRALIAN HEROhM SPORTING £1 12 to £1 15 per short we TRADE and finance THEATRE ROYAL Ruurv last ear' Henlte fcgafta roauited fa Joab The TKLKRAMS ROM MANAGERS mry bm iut oo Jaxitrery 16 iruen Ue prert 1 dent Mr I Gee a tn Im Ute Trial appiiiatiom tor porauoa lor taraetaai ovine tar farttCBian will te aauirt in a tew daj latly diMMuaied tow te our tad etimtfa whom I lud previously prorated and wtaoe nntM' a Kull 1LT lk BMMi about £LJ per ton Agefay anZ from Lira secretary mj1 HEALTH IN EAST TuRRENS £XUJU TIVOLI THEATRE ul je nit prore xeoerta tn coatmre ntra and the supply ot waur at peami be ruutu it MR ILUAilbON urrouu rosn 930 a till 530 pm pnvi been Western Australian fitoeira Al Ul Up of Lot J1 lloa 81 pcuthr ert' oi 13 'uute 8 1 1 th The birth rates Ariadne all ei AxcT'ja roil MOI NT 1TTON Jrnuan jn Quarterly distribution of birth Death Butba 313 ir It' uai mduac st 1 7j to I ami eerd I Potato were void to fcanvna hacipwn (con Sale 3d bud at t4L to 74 a i caeijer fuel has iL 3d Wd to nd VYDNEY Jrausre 1 ano nde him 10 Silver te OH! DEARt Henry Hughes Handicapper 19 the finding Sale rood Co Medium to I Sorth Queensland tele £119 £121 £129 lug on the 3rd tmL war the perod of eirnip 5 i tavtng stopped pumpag operation in their ma 34 ENGLISH SPORTING NEWS tnediuei and heavy io PouJtn tinue working there are therefore no mea ure ll 9 Kaker't Crert 9 9 8 8: Great Bonl bouth Lud Uanlioitcu: Qneen Margaret 5 Tarcooli biter juuuvuuvcu lauwXue io DEPUTATIONS nf in tot ruixn dome tse yeur cmud total ion aaepu ni avu stated by aome of the A per Bid KBbmvte i he outewne of Captain Scon's diaqualiflcauoe Heep eiaaer Leiaaur (ineu 3 uuua ixirai prvienm ii' aevuent a further sum of tl'Aei te jn lUadMap uf aw at cm uriagn taac £epio haMi scwtbh od Australian Bank preference lamH tdrt Nnitb MUBtr Hydraulic 9 na Qud iut'tecn arid fruKcsaa iluilaaov Kxiwy and 30'6 30 uo dOU Mil) and 1 Dtie uerj ba SYDNEY Jaacary 24 the other three with "Hbmilwu" Once JaeMch Mur of via cam 1 1 hill late stuce 8 it vi Bui PrMrred ta ur cur i dour' AUSTRALUN TELEGRAMS lull' I 24 One or tvo coincidence are vorthv tt ShrfAire Inc tuuoeuif proposal hare Jl I f'roeu Tbt re vert 131 BUTISI AWARDS miivM folio battery PEARS! bullocs mad from ouusd The ONLY Hmwt an hed wr odd uirladw It Grand Prix desrabtewa or Mhcrwi start inc the symes National Bpontag Onto t(ipl'C5 xrr forthcoming apu rqmuvn mum um up 3 2rtW eswMed 9 I hr mihcn the Junction and Block Hub I Me of averne vaiw ibaaiy Ndr Bue id roaam towered to ni en tuycr ouer 'my vriel y'MianUt eties bare Cen brtiscs spniw i the ea'rrt rm no swei Toilet Soap diKfd ta iriup dipMtona bravrbitn iaAaauna Cd output emmeciMa holiday with bwt Uttte aierMia mtat the tndinre uld ntweely refnen PU1I ECOIOMICAL BEmsma Leading btveid £3 5 to 7 8 mia No detail are aMlH a Oyd per ottshrl ynaoniNE netriy all torn void I old bnt milker £9 to £10 10 4 £1 to 10 mi dium from Mr CUDora's Bed hiute and Blue (late Tortiado Hj ha aa eaaaMAMAt at Wiaoor L'U'UU 1899 )9 pk ys with e'tis ne given the first opportunity roe the pup' of inaac'uatmf thi wort minm quantity and quality about same a Id reported The cooceetntinc pbat has run fairy well pyrtrs turouebout forma Xo 9 haft enured rrinitr Uurrixc a irculatory Deaths 49 2S 2GJ Death rate 149 bcautihuiy trean aa oft eaceutM tur uiuaue and watua It eaosaQ reMBtoc the water in nii nardMM prime wethen: Mr Urke Mjt Schanek Mount prime looking lor Ms' it And it to omm thing yo cam haw eoaAddMM ia te Arm ewiil ihrw mJI mi at Miniag more than per cmt of batter tai IhATdl 1 ituuiu 4ilh 394111 I' £2xxitb Block nidH streMunc froth tee 900 I wtee bndv stone wring drive from footwall mde but The report for the forty fifth half year stutam The balamre of tue ciecLl homtory Na 1 drive eiteaded ft total 20 bide 2 ft wide Asiy nl we 5 dwt 4 SI 7 0 include cafes tram There has been vcrnnient behalf of company amounted to about tor December of luuO sovs be run a 1umm rare April 19 Old Ebur a name ano aaounc Atm ftmanaA ot Valhalla tewlitww A ngueum pntota in being afi U4 LARNA DUONE To the Editor larve cattle siauirtiterboibk ia the dirtrid have examined ad pawd 2941 slaurttrred eartie and condemned SO carcaws as mdtt tv hutna nconaump ow all being deemed ndtb The ofi vluch uver luu people Um pan liu ueiOtuaiw ndi Alao be prcncblad tO Divr Mr evexuog pnod 10 be Hire yean oa the comptetm of wicb a hui certificaie to be granted that the 24IB1 U6u3 bvla Ifel tune and to morrow (atniru) ereo iug me Leonarus and ieter rme aui hum Lher Ural appuanuwe tn Adelaide HJ ewL opine dured tat bat brruae Maia Balt water bruw baled tor Lauan Brownhill al rate of UWlO galtoo per day 200 1 Ptat brim cut preparatory to drviff xnrt Moutt Benaon 15 North Xucurii iron: i trrt ourii for riQ pouqiy run 1 8 There a urnn demand for pwd tar ard w'tbm We arid urie The yard nlej tuck year appnaueea that WKMi trm snail ue employed in the vgneu rate pv han have prosed I sold 281 NutwittoUnding auther Ure market there was again gltJid demand for ell ifieruig fte rauart i peaing well and reef muck broken up end of snail continuum the lent started to ive under good tooM of 11 lumnie (Turtle 7 Tarcooto Katerpnae Sit under I year 2 140 piahty about tndd 19 ft total 210 Are going thrush tom srce tooking country Pushing this drue tA a The ctnanp i otnjMir crf t'ae District Adelaide and wiburb Adelaide Men baalle (k hare rrvnwil tte ivftiswiDg cable meaaage irutn Jaud January Xi Nioce Pst torwa in ft a large number Icing prme Iucoimts aud pm lur wte ptnaud it a funhet awaiting ueaunt and an promised aaMtar MB torn part of which is bow coming to hand There 45 ft total IX imays 2j dt No No 2 dnv atesded 14 ft Vital SC sssy to covvwy an dB cf th extreme bewty the tvteam pethro whidi ehhorteriaed thm '1 gvti d' ri: at Till tore had 1 it a iucn betweeu ut XJblAI as cutDiatred A Um (Tt iiuu' tear A Go it the aaju rage aw uuLug onier ru tn iriproveDic nt can ue mu runsulud on this subject by the only legally appointed REPORTS TO THE COUNTY BOARD Dr SisepsMT Ufttuv ot Health toe Enwt Torres County tfuard oi Heaim iua re port tor tue year coded Dwtsaber 31 toijHits TXg diAcult to with Tha Boming of lift to tha time of abondanee jroftuioa strength vigor growth When th suit begin to sink when the midday of life to pant then the hair begins to fade and the silvery gray tells of approaching age Sanrise or must Which shall your mirror say? If the former then it is rich and dark hair long and heavy hair if the latter it to short and talk ing hair thin and gray hair The choice to for vbl At visible 19UJ woe mvman bacrwtwB AL Harns on of the beet known jockeys a many Australian worthy tneu and women went down with bar The shiD broke lisniaiis I'ruprieiary ft 14 26 TAO onU I'tiJci 11 ft chamber in 4 side of shaft vahie of mineral form rias for 8 ft bulk asmy 9 dwt Urr Do not think this is rame sa to wite Im ume ruesu in te nwpiiu ar as wed a evuad ue peeled A young man Jvbn kry 8 puunoaary lubemiltm 4 circulatory 11 alunenury 1 diarrhoea I ether cause 14 nnenl tmprewnon 1 litat just as loni fot the Lit re ami prct there an wu fi tue October leva we naie uur law rve and pnccs are ruw mi tie k'vel ruling early tn Dei eniKr Tu aU to day wm especially nucxcevble ia sc urvl Kudiunea pdirer (r A ilaumo' Oroya 14L 1" 1 nprial bomd 1 2 UU UUUUU UVIWCM turn UH (onion who flaiOJ open suddenly a Aakm question and teachers understood shining soul with syllable of fire who rt to be tor duty to aaeww Inoue qutw ral lenses originate trim So 3 3u0 liei nra 21! ft So far thia level partis wr our rich ora body which stow Utter wticre tee te it they had nuaed 21031 242B2 tun ta die previous dcDu esi wj in a measure Constant and calm ia his latte throe The norm was weathered th bottle was won fiend oictUl: of the upc (hpfier tn wi LA no lie winner 13 mte wthwitn ffotb intrtcolusral iad cviinity trade remained actvt ALXrR XUAN QUOTATIONS Jaauary 3 it Mi Ibuuroe £30 Ifi drive ex leaded 23 ft total 3 ore pam Lbmagh low grade drive extended lx it trAiuui tneau'e in tue couth of oouier ssuoo ytmtorday he gave smum intonaanoa iniereM luajguer "1 usd couju ed AHungeiiteiDU remarked "tor a visa by we Loadun tmietj lompany sad waa nelLMid Untl Air George Ldwnrdea should tome out with them At toe urn multi Bu as Sortti Dnken 14 23 1 ix Broken i 1 was lett to Uke us own cwae Ibere was cooaetiueotly an amouu of Caubora display ed in ojieraUDg Moderate bwauMm was d'loe but there was an utter aoeenee of me in the market which at oss arse char a'tc rized dealing in Wewtent Australian tucks Kate were not greatly altered oa MINING IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA nut TAMUULA UhLU The Mimste of Mine has reemved IM totewiag maty wa rcponabie lur a targe perm to age ni bhndiKW id tbit country 1U favoured phyMCal trauikg rather than ex ceve dhdlaI uatotnuig AuuLbcr new eipreesed that no ideal system of teaeh totai Zt amsys 7 dwt 14 gr Nn Ur Uu IA itM started to drive and drove ft etpuned to toAt drr tf if: lnncs RryaJ (com) 22 Princtr Xneth I paid) 2A A te PanlTs Cccsnlidated £12 CM1 Lr Hr 4 South ipaid) 39 Sulphides 17 4 ifb lukwh (C I 7 8 Mouth Kalgvirti rj ADELAIDE LIVE STiiCX MABKET BEO1CT AiDuary it ftn resuming work lb the nraia shaft toe waim Bad risen the 475 ieseL This 1(5 ft 01 water wa baled out by ith tec when the comrade provemcai men have been removed to sink winae ou abuui ut nub ore a of BcaeixTy srinae No I in pawing through limetun curtaining Miutli vugh wteh contain a litU biande and pcr pyiitea Three is no change ia xcw oh i wialt which is Kill following junction of The folloviof ia the Mbrtuee of in augural paper which wa rend by Mr tfw 'vwthtw if the large manufacttmng Ciuhrbiuenia MlNiSG IN 4UTE CGLONY quite smScicnt tor reqeir mcM ted on tmpeuve Brni whatever wm ai iwn xi ate rdiH Kl taurs i wirn obtained 12 aid inin IC77 at being 14 4 ncaers kner: prime irr wvred ew 14 to4 4 rJ 13 other 11 Paitr ind sold 149 teen Klder Smittu A I Grill 2 Ragot dixie i lu Lu ed L1' 4 Barker Brothen 2421 Bennett A fXihcr 19 8 EAWNDA BASKET On 17t Inst CAtes Thomas held tbrir tu lar Kacaiy market ar hiaper ad wrr ixvmir wtk lar attendant oayero SO cattle gv iui as mailer oi tact te tour jenr ow mu thia ready to work pumps Amount of water IrtW ieund 4u 2 11 4 sain Bonnie I hartie 8 1 REPOBTS Tarcoola fortnight Jaauirr hght avd ehtaM e( WHat the me lody grwdwnliy sofateM nvd wwo teat knee the port' a berakfal xtew wwe felly Vu tori Broken 4 Copper prospect fairly weU Udi ecmunoe the scut te leet further Bn kea Hill Juattiee Xorth January Mainbait sunk further distance ot 13 ft for fortnigh lag napradeX pending arrival snail pump level extended oortfi 28 ft total from I we were to choose the mort appropriate sytnhnl of th fleeing th eranre wDl Ute perishable the lieatyng the bere to day and gone tonxwrnw jetmpe it would be a pair uf smail boots The The Hot Winda Tbe Work A i Larnig Cknwtariw Suf rent extended 3 ft 1 '2 Hifl sold Q'lOtalivo Prime Isms pruer tLe fi ri drvrLsmg cunaump uoi Tx Attempt tie nlkaie to team to play exhiintxoa game ia that roioay im appuca Dimiuced fnra other istnep 4 were tv moted to the hnepiial Two cases in th raau th suppij eompns nentern atiao bred jJHARE market and MINING cnentih nceu their aerie ot three gnae Tto piya rather tarae three figure break being les and far between and the mectakam were quite re lieved when at length Haterasa wm sanorewd to be the winner of th ftte game by 3fi2 point The second Kne opened in aiminr taahioa tat ue pnug Duke ef WeMminoier is evutealA (l uted a large propruoo 04 sutiuti cah ua ipened bediy tat improved a great wai uirr un 1 told super tealen to aura beat) to 3 te fl I Ctoevnmest 81 md shapely saddle tofe tor the Imperia! Ontww xv Th bK Medtoin known SANDB jrNs' Yet is spite of a leaden shroud we know oa cuoimenced on riday Cook nxm staged that be ta good trim and aeonag taster than hi oppmimt bad at the end of toe day reached 2uuu to biggies 'ui Un Saturday the lencters rate 4 prog: ess wn tat siighty check td atd he wa ia we cad returned a wtan by 137 point took best ran were 214 151 174 129 snd 1U biggie's 170 140 149 IM and 106 LONDON December 2L The racing last wees emi saa rcauuieu to tion that th wine used in the launching cerciixmy one af Her Majesty ship should of Knthh growth ud muuut 1 rentote Ac Grahsm Greene BTWNDA RACES The following are the weight for the rac meet ing to be held at EudunJa on ebruary HANUICAP Ift'ttDLE HM Atom one and three quarter miles st lb lb "And 1 will twin snd gain voa boat Thai's drifting out to re Alas! for 9vreim A noble youth be How proudly and tow manfudy he tattled with the tied to him ud had reached th boat wnem through tee wretched bung in bend nig oa a new piece of hne the end was lek nap ud the berutc young fedow drifted oat to eA and never more wa vn The subjoined Lds ar taken from an moua poem published 111 "The tn August Then out spake Bvrelra rrtes aivit nii Prim lambs II to 12 A statue tail on pillar Bone touKl loa toua appy tor a uceme to ride hen some neb er The oxidued orc prouix es spiendid rosuita from doily This ore bung nyiikwi BUijmjb temid ate te rich Keep underlay having only undcrlayeu 6 ft or 7 41M line gTW vy CTteri at Id per A hghi'r nna ir scoured merino ud fire crossbred are Jd to Id per tb hiiwT Th uurke for mien cu riiK ud citore crossbred air STX1 EXnUNCE ADELAIDE IMmvday January 25 The tullowin w'es are offlcaily At 10 ChiUagne 30 4 North 24 North Qureulxnd Tin £119 Grat Boulder PiiMvunaii STOCK AN SHARI BriKRR diphthtna typhoid lever and only one fromImping cough although the latter daeara a Very ptevalnt during the Utter nx month Tbe loUowug table atowi the distribution ot wl tedtaas and (hytoos realmrd Uiriy teas perm Altogether 989 chela of Itulun was offered tad ehreta cteangrd band at id to rod packages of tvylos uta4ttJ 1 0 pa Ln lauta teyera at to tojd Pmaie mis mehtdrd afi chest of Indian at 8jd to Burn Cimp Payne ide b'l tarn tto fuv Iftijbkf ta itH reiM luti "incr LiriHD uiuutnt luUe it liblBil in GeraiAtiy oiler eaw rema ned firm throughout Private Lidrr smith A i Linuud have to report tk ioL'WJX private The Saitaw tmm 7 hi to 9 St 3 ft 7 Mnont Gsram fpski) 3J Great Bouldrr Prre reranee 15 AS 14' £4 4: North haicurii 7 SouthKJurij(C)SC A winern 41 a Great Boulder ot the Made 0 the noeib end of shaft aM at tie hrom icvet The ke Mow a improve ment both in sue aM riebneas taeau uuiy brottet jii 5 entra 2 2 10 abienew ot iniciwattog a system of apgrvauoe maw meeting nrrt Sunday Mr Cmtnaey President 8 te Mme Mango Amodauou ay la the wreck of the Ltmdou two nten per iidied whose name Mill live a wonhy of tbe poet's Daniel James Draper and Gustavus anghan Brooke on wa a min ister of th Gogpel and the otaer actor When th ili isxed ship Uke ocean hearse wa rwly but surely taking tu load of butnaaitv to the abysses of the inuamog ocean the last that wa seen ol Daniel Jama Draper a be stood with me doomed people gathered round him for bourn coadweunc the moot remarkable prayre meeting ever held in the history of tbe world wun inu ootguvkhed to hea ven proclainung due on Mtuirdar Ertn lor No tetter's hand his qinrrring limb composed No anxious brother dosed hu gUrin eye Not wirepin sister watched tte rafierer die He died alone region ter swy Where Kill be lie to nx uld is decay excelent pragren taouM eoniimw to be made87 Mun drive north has been extended 14 ft for fortaigfit total length 92 fft from mxl The tetter grade or appear to te widening out tte driv advuere tbe drive is from 5 to 4 ft in width Ail ore usiying from II to 14 per cent lead and we are tearing ore of eq ial value along te west or hanging till side of tte drive A wive south has teen started at this level tbe orebody being the full tdin of tu No level south to No 4 drive norfh there I 2 awnM wetef 14 4: ewee to 2998 penned week's AU sold Pri AJC RACES SYDNEY January 24 Tte folloving acceptances were rewired twwis Lum red to Bark Brotan 142 Bennett by the bajUiu rtiml 1 anng strata ti Ji lwuD aiii ani utner part iut 1 line UU Dao proved betterC'i ol ruri tuatt for dluirunanng pur I rauwa) hav already breome sHtmetw of tnte liquid ite'l quite a a njii ut vwjfcTr having been fitted 'i appbanre uncsty irer tbe a motive power The i fTie thai inake it the i Dutnvr tnxn cual What Paris xbibifloai900 231 231 The Xorwood branch tti the ANk in conjunction with the Norwood Cyding Club intends bedding 9 marine excursion per the steamer Euro to tnorrow afterno Intending excursionists should catch the 235 train from Adelaide marked ii trrsr ia every inieruou due with me exception of puta mary luterculota Pie hi rer shows large increase sod due partly to raore reliable nntifkauoa bitt tu tte i i that tre past wiBiri has tore extremely favourable for tbs ilevrlc pment of du re In erevy case re ported care has teen eaerewed in insprvuon of pre mise agd RinoundiDK isolation as far as practi caMe and diunfecuon Day sed 9undav cho lave been regularly notified when tte patient cv memtar nf fomily have atrevded enter Kmao and txnuey made tear Juui ap pwsisuc Auewde Tue prumvU uiu Duxes and pdinn were draped in turns nad wm remain au uuiii altar Uie luncru uo aeqiue ot Ute ini lueeu have tataa ptaue I itampionaiup will stan on Jsnnnry 21 aafi ft to aoticipatad that than will te a tots Milter 4 I entries The English Poortali A rati ria ti on test received from tte ootball Aanciatton ot atem Anacra llr hilhAAMil propose say tlif "Argias" to leave a torteia for saa ruonacu en jvute lur Lurve ia order bo keep himaelt abreast oi latest improvement in uxau iuai buaiuero and IxiOMkr 23101 A 24j sale ttTL Mr Cacmn Grxsby of Roeth Aotf ha read ijer entil 'd "The leacta Personality 11 being a pies for individuality end a proeei against bureaucracy Awvwistod Northern Week Drevtntar 45t Level No I Shaft (irives and it look well stow tedurid smv aveng 2 ue 15 dwt opening oa lade over 50 IL teajttb asd drive corruunded by ore 430 tev Wesi end evidently under are tody ata eed aver it Each drive tonws gold tat not pay aide Dip lode will go irader each drive 4M level 253 ft from xrirt ur from fe hr ixu lart ynr US JC enal we from E142IMU axiimr 17OW7 unu in ISiD ri rarii tae etfect of enai on taaip buHn l1 I jt it the are riidcai th! coal to Dow conuDg duu r8trato1 ns4 nt with fat oteUj: Prime Lxbt tuoaen to to 45 tnedinm to 50 heavy 5o to prune round to Bateman ho at tte halfway atag: had reacted Ltol to tte latter's 11'4 On resuimag yeatesday Baoce oonumsed to have all te ot the game and with test break 1 ot Ml 115 lul site at attach te Uitovsery baa been maue teu unuiaec ata biuynacw bucu uc wuj I am ir 4e ANDW JOHNSTON North bra 1 nun January 84 Our twien wilt rromlert tfas th writer of thra letter presented to the bon hall coi iechwn through hi rebcive the then Gover nor in LhSfi the f*ckd eramaUoa medal Wifiten JV and to eomaoa after obtnra tbe ety VK named in mneuibiaace n( ha on nu ww eweay ifae late Mr Rrtieri Sv'CD ER sr sr EUCVLYPTI EXTRACT to ta Ot st Capitals and medical clinics a vwr the glste: patresirad by His Mafst the King of Italy crowned with medals sad diplomas at tnteraatinal Ettatodon Aswterda Trot in this approved scueie ata mart all otbem ttfawfcl rack a depth 8 IL trora te ainai a i tta uw to in diorne country On tte sur te Government eil sunk on te vie ssMvted by fare everyttanc ood order all tbe plant tte Government urutogtai uni ikvuuucikIuJ uy sorting amoethly nun tan mean saieu Deptomuer 1 taa Ai rr Oiliagoe Railway ata Week January de rhe lude matenal rnaeu uanu te rek wa of payable quauty ata MtaiAxol a quudiy of high grade copper ore rennareed tmaeid Prime we wwr rrsn 5M galfoa of fredi water per shift that quantity now Inals tor three toitts Haann ortnight Deeewiter North Pntneroy abaft sunk 3 ft and tim bered 45 ft total iVf Dni'klle shaft tc (If tta dust rorlaimta twin ta wreto teWto0BkCUJ DOrWD Qi QMbbC LT aaro wvio mapu 1 Praraklm KtoM feint nJ al and it were to show r'ltjc uj 1 for Lu? Jv blade 10 12 brom ban W5 ii vnd Lae 'J' day and MELBOlUNE January 24 The fidlowing aaatehinga were made to djy Bobadd for the Newmarket Handt np and ttoklfigh Plajo and lur and mXholt Peden and Tiptop for the Chub field uturity Sbakea has beat avuded io Mmn 1 1 PcBnaadm1beMMfgDoMed I I assoi DTKgrai sor icract scrap pconch (4 Th Henvmly MnAe Hie Ctawd wm ramfi emt corajpomtwra ad mrantfitetotiv Man ned Tn Govmuor Sir Doniirae Dary ate! ftnih were praaeat A for tkra Iwt I'OKT ADEUH DOCK COMPANY LlfitiiED bnrreia the virament no pr pw 10 bote to greater to4h wiuch is probably limn of ore tearing formation il tte expecuuon of sevurtra an itarrtacj vuir ia iMs directK Am rww staninx xrat trues ltxk) ratM for the Cfeuntv and Norwood and Burna de sums Week draeonunusd at both these dnvvs BD xcui extended It tv total 12 lode fomsuan 30 ft wide coewstng ot quu li 1 ih 1 1 sad sandmen Drive of sent in for raauen existed 9 ft and will te cnMinur to old nerkngt Will tele through rinse where there is a Ise show of ere tOowia ata bate Started to dnte to meet it Total drven 93 fl tied drive 188 level evtroded 4 ft total IIS Itae 4 ft wide of avrenge value SOO level dnvv extended 5 fl total 89 lode 8 ft nites tad ccumnited in tta sroriium at thu levei ata had ia tact rtoro 9 ft stove the plat Three shifts of engine driver tare been emptoyta eoaunnotey teaning water tat net until te 7tb wsa ft poraable for tte men to tret exbatsted Lady Mary January No 1 Timbered up ata snak 4 ft total from rar fttre 13 Rock very favourable tor steing and and deaths Bmh Old Englata tain her bmea ter aon of bold re nown But none were braver than tte lad who in tte surf It i eiralile in te is' rests of te unfortunate ctetr Jmiihk iharetailderi that Mr Deeiey stouit I appuuitcd 1 uta rv ata that tu him tte suceewtnl taatug of Uua company wm mainly due ata the natural feeling to that ia the di Xjtruur iimiimUMvi he will use in best roeney in earing for lb aiurehoUen all that can te leuJy artd nut of the wrecs even to fore going hi own bq taaUto fee Tbe company was formed to wok a nune which vnx perw ns werianguine eoamh prediet would regulate th' world opper wry asndow of topper but after over work aayi aa ex penditure of marly £5O in Biachinecy buildings it has tailed to Seta away 1 ot of ntaarisble "re Im ere til rb xa io Atneriran Uua of the third year and when wceuag total appertaning to two men wertdag tsgvthar tte wagre ritotig 10 per cvwt per roraplrted year ffat Dm etid Amran Iff to Vuftc I 3) XI diatnet ata local sourer Tte supply sa mate rosupnata of dealers' lot and included a fair number of grod and prune wrt mtaervto srtghta ata a0 a nwnher of mil derft0 a Trade requirneats were vvy Imutrd 10 con sequent of which the dtnta wa du ata penes week With the pistol pleached in hi failing hand miik Kith the death mint mi eed 'm raee ran aaw aqpA4 vCp ive all made the ma co dem oe the nd it Bui th utur i lark ae jurtto tbe ita ufwire Amiuui etxupeuU'n On tbe one tu it may 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the desert a thia man ta ha bc ay fnenda where we 11 muR go JROACH AUSTRALIAN MARKETS MELBut'KXE Jeauiry Camderakle busicwm wa June ih wueai toi'ir at 2 8 elongate ship teas was wrong at 1HL 10 Vjd Poclanj fetched l'X 10 lid ALiman orvnlar st I 3 on pot and 4 7 to cmrt ard fffinr i numr Jiirrw ata ebruary ddivery ata tarunc acid 1 12 to 124 pri ne soenre ewre 12 to 3 Il prime reoaiveS wetter Io 'o 17 ANECDOTE THE QUEEN To the talitor Sir At i tune when very mnembranM Oueen ictona nd be of anteroat ttapn yon will Unnk the foUowiag stxwy whih 1 do not think ba ever bein print before worthy of eoroer a yosr cofttmM however alight it may be: In an ohmayoraee about three yean ago of tse ream ni4e John Let mom LUiot Doyen of thra Athenaeum Club the ''Turaev'' mtiraitd that he had "held the tufa nt Prince tte ton in bra Mr tauot the bosour of whtrae fneodrtup I enjoyed foe many yam once toid me th non as nearly a 1 can reenUect aa Hi avotaer ww a friend of tbe Dvchera ot Kent and on one orcMwn took tern with her to end era Her Hhneiw While th lads talked youu EUkk mad friend with the rowna and earned bn nbotn the room bat ntou they approached a table oo which wa a ranaXl marble bunt the child aned oat ud mxirtr ed on being taken no nearer eaisag "Ho will kill me" "Noaaenn Vicky ted thra Ducbcns "don't my such ibraf to Mr "Uh yen mamma he wui Uradra Sumex toM me no" Tbe bust proved to be ooe of the Duke of Uunberbad nrad rt wa evident that the auedDerno yonagee unde had been cramming tbe rfaild Uiat a nen hrar to the throoe the elder derartd 3 feta i I It 1 I a hm Wb AtVmfMikRR Lft rIrt Auatraluui valour courage (brine arad heraem are reeoided Aueirahan oratory romaine account of sad scene uch aa the wtecM of to iiuiLa and rf toe Loodva 1 The story of the tragic fate of Burke and I Will and other explorer give eviJenres treatment orerwBtitvd tte rrrvtirai of tadilpwui elevaten faL before we eouid operate upou gu tonai fro tte fin rolls This Iras had to te warted outwde tte building un tu tta prevent but everything is now tar tn pcwuoe to deal with thra material Lak View Week ended January Tikilay' vel though there (light framing at the done of tbe day Aauocia leds usual nipied a large proportiora of ih dj ing and there wax good enquiry for lfouh Stiver provided small boas nrere Chdlngixa were a abode better and Vueen Lnd tin unproved a liufe on thervMJU dealing The manager of the lYoahne a I nr eid let ted 1 4 I Matorai bwuw i Ifruxct Royal North 1 ro £7 7 bulla to £5 10 ata Itgut strem 15 at eit' M3 yar4d Prwm tuix li tower: 127 uroold Prune uien £10 10 to £12 eitra to a 13 in good to lu medium it 7 10 pome cwn to i3 to £7 medium to port markets Bvuare totey cuatinued reunit ed alihmwtl vJue were fully utaiaed la'e rstev Km sue was fotav a' IOi fcdev were repvrted vf and sone lead ai bil ipnciricte Tea vm to'd privateiy ata wheat hid a deal of ittestioi lour vis pi'J rareares have aD hrea dmtrerod by wram Bare coincidence are worthy ot purchased 20 samplm of nilk in tte district and December 12 1RB2 when John found item all on Mtiog mriteetory all coo McKinley tit hi aero tha Phitum 4 Alimentary (geo) 9 Diarrhoea ata dysen tery 4 Circulatory Nervous 9 Otter divaaea 15 ront this tate it will te am that Um mortality in March tta December quarter is not due to drarrhoe is commooly tta caae Infocuou During tte year ttera were reported 24 case ot typhoid fever a of ararlet fever 24 of dipiuneria 7 of erysipelas 88 of pul thonary tutercuioaia and soar at puerp rai fem Tbe tollowing uMr contrasts the Dumber of iafec tout dtscanw reported tor tte two years ICO ata utacr tte LOuuty Board ata foao allow cornpan ana with the vita sutimu of Adelaide aunouxh tte latter are roily made up to tepiember 30 1WU rvr tar vouio MtceiDoex 1 iwr: Popu Birth out of whch it is projedu pay a dni ik uf 3 ahare i22D7 2s Having to te csrrwi lorwsrd a bauuic oi xd'AM la lid Ih property and pUnt are in good wjrtiuu oriff Mesra George cnl I Phillip retire hy roUUon and it rill oe neceoary dll these vacancies They are elgiblc and offer taemseee for re elec uon rgn to report the leu by dean of th valuable service uf Mrlime Smith whose ftiuoection with th Hrard baa subsisted from the formaaon ol ih rompaov It is prorweod at prorc nl till this V4vny on toe buozl Nir NTHth retres aa auditor and offers hun Kit lor relctKn oteitica I'lybitarf Meet of tte cases were very gtfld and no deaths have orr irred Siae case were re moved the hospital In only cue uwunt in Mni'arv conrEttoM prevailed A vcl'et ever rcaro uy of nae were v'ry mid Two were imparted tom odur dnariU In two cates itere were laaatuury cvodt one Lfontg tte yar the train'd nurse has pu'd RiO visit to infc two cases thus krcpinx tteiu coa (Untlr under and ensuring Molauon fir practicable thm liswning tte risk clte d' are wreavuog fin(e lion ha ten car EVMU IrdlMf of CtaJ to lu era tHw the aJouncnr mode by the re thr tin irnxrt it utdiro Inn in rhe xii utiMbon The (hrapbefitenra and Paynetram Htmrkedi in wrv disM Don ot pulmonary tuberculosis which boi plaera ksvv remarkably rich ore going down 3G Winn No 8 atari rank 130 ft Th sum broken body ot ore trron top to bottom Valu will avenge over 01 per Smelter Grvas gold contents of 25 tena 29S40C2 0 curse gJd oct included 8 0 Prince Jtausry Work returned aner oniiuayv eanusry Crutaaf improvement ia drive advanced 1 lino Quarter ended March 31 Jun 38 Bunor thia aftarmram ow tortT On tbe Glenelg Oval this afternoon the tnnual cricket raatch between team cw WandeTEra will be played The pfayor will be a Jockey and Blackwell McGcwran McChun Bailey Howie EL Hodgkma Barr Like DnoroU Keuy Howie ood ftiraM Wani Ta to foAm I Myen A Reynolds Preaa Nor wood scarlet fever 13 IhpMtevu Typteid fever 17 Pulmonary tuberculous 21 Lrympelas 2 Puerperal fever 0 A would be expected from ttetr scattered pcu ration ('asnptetltuwn and Paynetam nave teen wry irre fnm inlKtiei dicae It is ratitfict Tj to good prwgrers continues to te rade nt con strnmua rail new tern practically laid to Chil 1 Up Arrangements tare teen made with icnmietit to ran train on mail days airect trra Lappa (55m) to 74 mile widen eraablrahea a tse were under ena year of ag Ybu repraenta a mor ubiy of 119 per 1U0 birtba Tte infant nor ulity of Adelaide during tte year ended Septem ber 1900 wes 134 per Ul births Quarterly dfotribuiraa at infant ho death Intant mortality frci iw meusk TO 10 i wi to: ried 8 There to un rww4 di aod for and grin ire gunpiy rew ettotara We quote Co 2 hj per babel fob at rog further 9 ft before striking that Mineral ionua rte 1 uou prowuKng Should ct ore founo in atari bar a sm Lt ix foM fo IO ft at Tbe Spencer's Gulf Th Don A Catt and Merer Robert an 1 Bugoyn wa ved ui the Treasurer lu sdr to that t'le ('orerntnent ul 1 ass'' tbe pene r' Guf puta obt tn a tner waicu was very rxeetaary tor th pe fonnarnc cd titeir work ihe pilot wrt ml rag to pay a fixed xutn for th co ces un granu The Trra urer sai 1 tn? matter had been faouraby re ort I 01 by the Marine Ifoutd bat the cos 1 th would be about £2 (A a id be di no thnk tiiai tu Gov rumen: shouldnd money without tbe a of Parliament which ro ild be etna nei hy re solution when the House met ind recuDituend bra eulieiixs to sup 01 it ulnU took Uro th oremng 1 the Jjotur talro oa no Krcn lo xml cnit Izmdon I an at about Uie level tn clrecru rt rd th October ivembT akr In taero cintunsLiDro a gsi leai of ntereAt and wme aiiiety wvn fe firdiny he eale uert Deday rom ua wo hnauud White's A sembly Room Mr Howitt arrived io Ade laid after having found and brought back the remains of Durk and Wdl Janu ary 24 1862 whilst thousands lined (TCfou dU and King William streets to weltxnne Stuart and bi party 00 their return from their worid famed trip even greater num bere thronged the streets of Melboaryt to pay tier lost respect to Burke and WD whose funeral wa faking pUee in my at abotrt tbe me hour iTe munra! po Sof Adefaid well remember tbe wonder perfomaDce of Poureard and Ikway two of the greotot performer on fannged mwtrauiinte io the world Tbev oiwnponed and played piece called "The Dead Heroes" Th programme far 11b evening wu a fol kw: 'Treparatjoa for Departure of the The Sterfo Sopg of the cot tor ta tmn oquyea In Jouiurj up io miavrci tte vatanre tode lre body at U9m eipntrag turn ure cn January 2L I fovel Mcllwtailh pc Ite 1ft) IL te LMuuuJStoner vi iroo on Than 1 ouwaU rock throujh wnieh this abaft is raoluag uay rccenoi tuiter cvtouuni auxi wil re 1 i irecly unpriviiarad with a pyr tos ana atrence to tte tacvry vl water at TnwJL 1 uute roppr (wriir stowing inrough it litady a 1 IBM gflMaa Mi afirata Wsil foeiHI PMIMa 141 140 131 ParkMde Lunatic There were death to inis isaticuucu during th yar WO from ite liv I oundation in duataou itas training ui loacner wa oomjwred wild i a a uurufl 1 gw ainik xii rwni April 10 know enougu of aaeruiatry to enaiwe auraLta writ a workahia that be ot abe ooud editcate properly Im writer ot tte paper qu Jed tte word a proJcnror of Hxrvaru I mverwty io the efieri that Gentran youJto at end of tlieit leea were in pmot of education almut three year advance rt Araertcun louura lu wm due ure upcmw lunra tedg the German teachers pm wend on tbe suiijut Uiry uuni ratter ttun ut vhtar knowledge ot (nywoiogy or gteUmd ot te umg or to tnrra edneauotud thoorm Perfect know ledge or jHect akdJ wa a 4 a rorentuil a perfect abuiiy make too dkwI of lie knowledge aud skill In the winch foUowe one sneaker con pmhk uon of fuel i of supple i onuti th ai fojt at ibe itx rtu rc iu the home federal educational CONGRESS The ederal Educational Congrewx under the direction of the icfonan State bchool 'leathers' I mon was rceutued on Tinreoarn cd Atoeoaeutu Hall loLuw eUvet Mel bourne wnen lira butn of Hi bare ao weight ata tear ao biuerore tore is death's Kiag here grave thy triumph Kill if Thou abide with me The bravery and roafidenc of that great soldier of Christ were glonous Soul of all creed were gathered round hun be wa their trusted leader and there i every human hope that through God's tnerty he Buccetefuliy led uu troop of Chriktum oi dr triumphant over grave ud death to the step at tbe great white throne The other hero Brooke was a man of fine physique in the prime of hi manhood famous in hi profearaoD and beloved tn Australia He wa returning to toe coio nice bringing with htm a dearly beloved tutor In th crisis on beard he took hra place with the ainp' crew working hour after hour at the pump in strenuous code vour to keep tbe ship afloat untai heroic Ckptatn John Martin told them ft wa Melesa a the voted was unking Then with folded arms he stood Kt the gangway gazing out on the troubled water and quietly peacefully and manfully awuted bis doom Tb story ot bow Burke the explorer died i very sad He a first man to croo tbe Australian continent When he returned to Cooper's Creek no found the camp abandoned th party he left there having gone hock to the River Darling 'Die manner of death was pat beta ally told in a poem pubbdted ia "Th Register" from th pen of a gifted trooper ot the South Australian mounted pobc who i now a resident of Tarcoola in lb employ of the Water Conservataon Department I refer to Mr Provts who in his palmy day a the mart expert swordsman in the co lory well a good descriptive pen Australia mourn! Thy brirttrat star i fled Thy tero ot explorer now i drad The none mot hun with tvligiow power Ta snotte the ingulto ail hi filing tour There were no gnevia friend no piiyitur I rar To mitigate hi pang while lingering here No loving wife received kite dying breath Oi fondly prmri tte tata mnv cold in death Nu nxious mother when the tpirft flrd rerformd th last fad oAcr for the dead Chrtlenge Dandy ulminate Cerate artime Tellei Tbe Watch Dog Ku ani Tun 0 taanier Zero Jenny Moore Cotten Bob Ty phoon lint Canisteo Lady Nastya MuiKda erryman Doreen tau f'snfcn Clifton Rowdy captain Toase Zoo Bunina Noble Lady Actrei ata High Jinks Anniversary Handicap Dandy Boreas Nevermore Gamehoy The Prine 1 loddea Kuisni Royal Purple U4tereoloar Typhoon Ite' Buliomia Bombstall GarOun Jeoa Hi Hi Eo long La Hogue Golden itaag Merlin Rotate Adas Hock ot Agfa wail same dip as the wine 4OU prisr ft has car wall awen! sone from wbwn minr Junta Vrth 7 4 Dec St Iff 139 The only point nt note here is the high rata of March snd Deremter quarter both of wtueh re roecially fan to intents (auaro at Draths: Genera reqiiratory 0 phthtara 17 general alimentary 33 diarrhoea 9 doo County Council had dectoed that toe Garaty iteatre nuuuld be pulled down in unkr to maae waj for toe new avenue whte was ix be couelructe and uk cum prauy were cunuog out Here daring tbe time that they uft uld have no Lon don Afterwarada uuwevcv the iteodtm County Council decided that th iew tueatre ahuuid not built ol tta eid arte and that me old tteatre should OM be ptolrd down bet me toe new one greet ed Uouaequenuy toe lJrty Company ad to remain London inrirnd ei ng out here A projXNte nv toen made to orgu ue aooiber Gaiety Company ior Auma but 1 refused to take any except tta actual compacy now playing nt Lne Gaiety rbaatra and under tne rarviunKtaacea Mr Edwxrdea coneeoted tll me tbe right of the pKce waiab we Lad been rewenuig for tbe lour 1 wa drcreiore able 10 buy from him the ngnu ol Toy "ibe MMenger Roy 'The Kuosway Girl' Circua Girt and Toe im iio wiiAk wirfi and 'jne Kone of Pro ro wU give me a large £tora of new pieces for tbe Royal Cosbk G)era Cota fay During my vurt 10 EngUud pn tnoe to engage new arusu play racial Jrta and my areata have already prepared a lit statable perturmer lor me to ee when I gm tfaere I intend to recrganue my dramatic crmpauy ai staU give aIffaVnatia iL wui jkmbjvif ieir luMjnnfl iixv uraft ww toe viat of a rtj taient agenta to Use Uteeg several myself nej astro vag way AurCtfa nug it ext nd tbe eij ro tar beat mdteraul frrdurtn Ir traun lwt the Vienna 'atilr tit I utuuien'e 1 0 make a Suu Afnet Aitetralo snd ai Ikrr Lrari Ntiuiie of the Rewdien teurrber vi I twomeree will travel rlmaM i uu Ctena and Japan bco aej bvta return thej dj nuke ur innaiga arc tnaruira tnrja dietnet tiered tte yard of about 80 bead ata 127 wm rtanvx Prime oxen te extra areigbly £12 I io £13 10 Sto fa £9 19 roeful £8 I')' 19 ni dramatic aeaeiNL Shakspearian prndu arraageoieut tor ti ed Amemcaa keep me informed ot all fraoduetmra but tbrre ai pieves which I must before definitely arranging to produce 10 ma uiy that Mr George Allan and Signor Haxon whom 1 have appointed so art ior tue will meet in Milan on Uua day week a here they wU find an itinerary sketch out them by my amenta there They will rwit all tbe leading opera bootee in Italy for the purpose of engaging the beet sutger now appearing on tbe operatic lag snf if they do nt succeed in finding artL of the required eioa in Italy they wiU pro ceed to ranna and ibly to Uerln Tbe productMu mil be staged here with the greatest t'otnpletcnea but my inten tion in organism tbe company to de pend for Ka mccuk uKm ib ranging qna 1 fication of tbe artist chietiv apart Iron any excellence of staging nra season of grand opera should commence Item mg early in May and will follow a Aort faro sell eKun by Nano O'NL who return to Melbourne at Easter Toe re pertoire of grand ojra will include work of all the lending srttoola of operatic eoso position including at loart two work which have ngrer before been produced her 1 do not intend io be iwiy longer man I can help and I expect to be bock in Melbourne anont the beginning of June with all my theatrical buxneaa practically arranged for the text three Go! bring hi bones nd o'rr ttera raise tomb And itere foment thy hero's mournful damn tVbta a'l who live may read his honoured name And tbremnds yre untera my hl tame "The Resister fifes ree rd the oaf event of Burke death in tneoe few well cnfr en I reaung and dus uaaing ppcre on general "Burke reached Co ('reek the educational questiutia I he ball crowd stirting point of expedilxn on Xwen 1 ed to exw and on th piaiorw were her 11 1H9 After waitme sot li ne dergstes from New smith ftueo South tor he rest of hi party who bai been 1 ft Ausualia lureuAland ud Tawauu behind at Memn ie on th Darlim hei i'lr contributed by Proteora Mit mai a dah for the ulf 0: ('arnenuria on rtiell ot toe Adelaide I nruiuty was rvwA Ifevember Ifl and with hi aaw avtro mdul lw raibjcct bring "vycno jf tnj I hmiral rimiJna Svl 1 ranung tLe fbatinrtion of bring the fi mm to traverse th Au ral an coniines IJB VtflPn trt lArtftwra if ar 21 rxhaus ed with h'rJhips th party found htt their inH wn had vu i iim uriaui me 1311111 rwi i a au doned tha ven day and onl a sto le ot prcm on en lett be in i ont ary to the advice of Will irke det mined totrike for oom South Autr'litn Stvion but ws stopped on hi eours from wan' of water and he returned Cooper's ek Burke ed from an ation on ne 28 IWI and Will also expired st about rhe Rim nut Tbeir retr a ns were re we ci a 'd token to Melfrjurne on Decerber A S92 and were acc rded a rub if fawal alter lyag tn stale for twenty daya Ibry had strirra and tailed and (norh ft cot Under tta tard bine sky Whrce tte plains slowed red in tremulous light it here thr haunting mirace mock'd the nrh( ('oolxsrr (paidh £5 4' O'lfsrra 48 8 St repi wills buyer ata 8 aeller at the tioss jpprcnttevs umier tte fodooiag cooaiMa: I ao morrvw faternouu toere will De a Tbe Australian wboao tuewry cam cover uaara pcnormAXMie at "Unde lows tfee paue ot year trots old Bendigo' I LIml wiuui by cduum to toe preoent day has een eventa well nauoa ot toe mort nurataul pseue worthy of tte perm ct Australian bard I ui tnera repertoire and in Urn prouuotaca GREEN iM'ister Stock EivnoAgs at Adrioitafa STOCK AND SHAKK BROKE! tag sad uBproi tag tbe runniri in faoft in order I advcrtMed agenda to te pawed (or tbe appoint to deal with tta water which 1 nuking tray ot liquidator tte Ute chairman tte MWW'W DtMlOft Mr aUUh VJ waaf ma WJ IWW total 1 Ground becotbiag a Ultra more d'Ouult of ite ravt ef inn sutaecuca ft total 31 Country remains ima lerta Th re 1 Uqumater Mr A tvr vtane £1 1 4 £10 New Lreh 39 fi uth id toe la al miActa Luera are hanxng bock 1 re rmtrrn to deal wih tuppue wota Rcipiratory (gen) a Phthisis 12 dav Hit it will le oeceaary to ead a tuntar extra boulder North ortnight January ordinarj meeting max Nr Deeley's appoint lraft sunk I ft total li2 ft io rrapbft "wii valid laitinx ttat eerioue eotnptoati ni lode loranaiio shooting mor sulphide country on iu the sale ata traoafer ok the lca aay rie owwau aoc ocxwren prapniie aia'es mill pre viote finer ata tetter tong i4 mineral lode paung out i wrst ode ot enable contractors to make mote headway as the ground is not so brrtra and be mu quickie Water about tta mine Maitunerjoraing fairly well Premier ortnight January Lone BAPTISING BATTLESHIPS IMPERIAL WINE SUGGESTED The foU rorresrondenee has poo sed between Sr Juan i'oekburo Vjnt General fr suib Australia) and the rirot Urd oi tb "Iteretnber 11 Dear Lrd 1 tike tbe libertv of approaching you on a subject which may trivial nod yet coouerna ne of those act of kindly con iJratun wnuh yield such Acceptable Lrut at tneee ttOKn at loving unpuita betwren the mother her daughter Three time when the grip coud uardly be regarded a one of the staple product of the Empire and it wta newary to have recount to tortigu fluidt iA ihe ivrforuaxKt vf tne bart soui nu of uur bittleahtp but now that tbe mikingM th purest wine one of our great and growing indu triefa the reanon ior reek ing aucn foreign iiiiervention no longer txral I venture therefore to suggest that much sauMKli would be given an eariv opwrtunity were taken rf launching a I'ntiwi vmI under the happv augury of a libation of imperial wane Such actum on the part' of the in Lord of the Ad miralty would be eopreially appreciated to Aiteiraias a and the tape anJ even the sltide of (fobdeu would do no other than tratow a benedictiou upon so timey re tniiKm Believe me ic John A Gxk Iwn" "Itecembcr 13 ifXJO Dear Sr Ijerd Sdbornc deaim me to acknowledge th receipt yotr letter of th lila inst and in reply fti inform you that be will Lorna 1 8 Iri M'unt uiM a 3 24 3 3 rales 33 Giiifa 2 5 7 sate 27 Ifoull onaolldairt £11 lu 8 £12 aUe bjt lound to bring grainI undet 2 'L tour quoted hy aj ru clU ts 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