Eyes Don't Lie | Jenna Ortega (G!P) - XXVI (2024)


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Eyes Don't Lie | Jenna Ortega (G!P) - XXVI (1)

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"Y'all, curious, what's my biggest fear?" Mason started out our interview. I laughed as Melissa made an 'oh' sound.

"Not nipples. That's mine." Jenna blunted and I hide my face in her shoulder, hiding the laugh threatening to escape. "Dying alone." She guess towards him.

"That is actually my biggest fear." Mason chuckled.

"Really?!" Melissa beamed and I smiled.

"No!" We all laughed as the intro began playing for our interview.

"Hi, I'm Melissa." Jenna said.

"I'm Jenna." Melissa stated.

"Hi, Mason." Jasmin waved to the camera.

"Hi, I'm Jasmin Savoy Brown." Mason flipped his card around to reveal her name on it.

They all looked at me. "Oh, I'm just Y/N." I shivered co*ckily which earned me a laugh from my cast mates.

"We are the cast of Scream VI, and we're gonna be testing to see how well we know each other for Vanity Fair." Jenna continued to introduction. God, today her voice was sexier than usual and it's killing me.

"For Vanity Fair." Melissa repeated back like an echo with a smile.

"The first question is not Jenna." My girlfriend started out. I turned my body towards her since I sat on the other end of our little row of chairs. "What sport did I almost leave acting for?"

"Oh, I just found out about this yesterday." Melissa chuckled.

"Yeah." Mason mumbled.

"Tap dancing? I mean, tap dancing is a sport. Is it?" Jasmin questioned her own answer.

"It is a sport, dancing is a sport." Melissa confirmed. I giggled as I began writing down the answer.

Jenna pointed at me. "She for sure knows this."

"I do, I do." I laughed and hid my board with a giddy smile when Mason tried to sneakily look over.

"But what's... oh, we're trying to beat each other here, so you're not gonna tell me." Jasmin came to the realization, looking at Melissa who nodded with a 'yeah'. "What do you think it is?" She turned to Mason.

"I know what it is." Melissa smirked. I looked over at my girlfriend who was mindlessly doing her own thing. She smiled when we made eye contact and I blew her a kiss. She pretended to catch and faint back against her chair. I rolled my eyes playfully but a smile was permanently painted on my face.

I broke out my trance when Jasmin pointed at Jenna. "Look at her." Jenna made a little confused nose scrunch as Melissa and I laughed.

"She's a natural tapper." Melissa chimed in.

"Why did you look offended?" Jasmin smiled. "You look like a tapper."

"No, I think you just got it in the previous guesses." Jenna revealed a hint before nodding towards me. "Although, you did confuse the tapping with me when it's her in general."

Jasmin looked at me. "I used to tap dance when I was like 10, nothing more and nothing less." I raised a brow when I answered.

"Oh, sh*t." Jasmin shook her head as she considered Jenna's hint. Melissa and Jasmin sort of talked over each other on accident and I patiently waited for us to start guessing.

"But if I say it, she's gonna say the exact same thing." Melissa pointed at as she gestured to Jasmin who chuckled mischievously.

"Can they all say it again the same time?" Jenna asked and a countdown began.

"1, 2, 3." We said.



"What did you say?" Jenna looked at Mason.

"Soccer." He nodded.

Jasmin laughed. "No, he didn't."

"I said soccer way earlier."

"No, you didn't."

"Yeah, he did."

"He said... no, he said..."

Wow, they really do act like siblings in real life just like they do in our movie. "I said soccer/football 'cause I know it's technically football." Jenna jumped in during their side convo.

"Futbol." Melissa repeated in a fancy tone.

"How inclusive." Mason commented.

"I already knew this." I threw my board aside with a smile. The rest of interview went pretty smoothly. I laughed a lot and a lot of interesting facts were spread around. When we left, we all knew each other a little better than before.

We couldn't tell if that was a good thing or not.

"Wanna go back to my hotel?" Jenna grinned at me, taking my hands in hers as she walked backwards. Based on her grin, I knew what she wanted.

"Of course." I giggled and she rushed me to get to the car.

"USE PROTECTION!" Melissa yelled and I rolled my eyes with a blush when Jasmin and Mason laughed.

Eyes Don't Lie | Jenna Ortega (G!P) - XXVI (2024)
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